YMCA – 2016

We built this video for an awards presentation. We were provided all of the raw video shot on location. We just edited all of the video to tell the story.

UDS/Brown & Brown Dealer Services – Tip of the Week with John Tabar

For the past 10+ years I’ve created the UDS tips that are used on Agent Entrepreneur and F&I and Showroom. I get raw video shot on a green screen, and I take it, key out the background, adjust the color and lighting, add the intro, and provide all of the animation within the video.

I created the intro and the F&I Showroom logo animation at the end.

I’ve been helping with the UDS tips probably since 2011.

Agent Summit Promo Video

I recently helped with an Agent Summit promo video. I’ve helped with these since Agent Summit began.

Here’s what the video typically looks like when I get it:

Driving Dynamics Safety Tip: Backup Cameras

I’ve worked with Driving Dynamics since 2011. All I ever received from them was a written script. I had the voiceover done and created all of the graphics. In the case of this video, I shot all of the live video (and was in some of it!).

Driving Dynamics: MVR Project

Again for this, I was just provided a script. I had the voiceover recorded and I put together all of this animation using After Effects.

ADTV – 2014

In 2014 we did a weekly news video that was published and pushed out via ePromos. For this, I was provided the raw video and a list of images and stock videos with a script and timing on when to incorporate everything.

ARMD – Online Training

This was one in a series of many modules.

Other Work

Aside from providing video editing I also do the following:

  • Web Design
  • Web Maintenance
  • Graphic Design

Here are a couple of websites I’ve built recently since 2020:

Portfolio Reinsurance
New Swan Shakespeare Festival
The Hourglass Foundation
Urgent Air

Here are a couple of samples of graphic design (click to download):

Hourglass Foundation Flyer Design
Hourglass Foundation Postcard Design (with custom photography)
Hourglass Foundation AFLA Ad
Hourglass Foundation Automotive Postcard
Urgent Air Invoice Design
Urgent Air – Air Dryer Postcard
Urgent Air – Grill Giveaway
ACE Brochure
ARMD Double-Page Spread
Old Republic Ad Design
Agent Entrepreneur Magazine Layout 2019
Agent Summit Show Guide Layout 2018